Unorthodox Is The Word For This Game

Review by 7grant2 on Monday, May 20th 2013
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Unorthodox is a game created by spellmage

The 3D Shooter, I'm afraid to say, is likely the worst game maker and extremely dry and repetitive after a few games. Most members stray away from this creator as it has so little to offer in terms of gameplay and variety.

To see someone take the bat at this creator either has a good idea or prolonged his boredom to thinking that paint must be fun watching dry.

This is not a game, this is a story

The entire theme of this "game" is based upon the story. In fact, there is only one action sequence, leaving the rest of a game as a walking and reading. Yes, I felt as thought I was reading a short story for 20 so minutes playing this game.

I realize that the 3D Shooter does not feature great gameplay, but there was no break between narratives.

The beginning concept was impressive at first, looking around to find clues regarding the story, trying to fit the pieces together. Sadly enough, the game features only one sort of challenging puzzle that involved visiting a previous level to uncover a switch, but nothing more. Without a break from narrative, I felt the game droning on and on and my interest fading away as I kept reading slow scrolling text. I did perservere to finish the game with no problem in terms of gameplay but just in terms of interest.

Sadly I wish there was more to say about the game itself, but the entire game focuses on the plot, so thats all there is to talk about. A short story would have served a better purpose rather than this game.

*The Story? Its good."

Its got mystery, a progressing plot, comedy, ambiguous ending, and everything that tickles the exposition storyline. There were a few holes here and there, the main one being that not everything flows together in a nice string because we are given a lot of information without a whole lot of context (We have to assume quite a bit, to the point where I'm trying to imagine who is who and who did what, not enough clearity to help me remember).

Other than that, it was a good story. Phenomenal? I wouldn't say so, but it was definitely interesting to see what happened to Samantha. I see obvious reference to Cowboy Bebop, knowing that Spellmage adores the show and this plot features the syndicate, so I assume the main character has some connection to Spike's personality - just my little tidbit of analysis.


5/10 is completely average, having done nothing good or bad.

Plot: 8.5/10 - Great plot. Kinda hard to connect the dots yourself, but once you manage that, its pretty interesting.

Creativity: 7.5/10 - Great concept in terms of investigation, but the glamour fades as its repeated the entire time.

Flow: 2/10: I became very impatient with reading slow text. The stories pacing was alright, but with the lack of enemies or any sort of gameplay I became bored with the game itself soon enough.

Structure: 2/10: Goes a bit with creativity; however, with the lack of enemies and the same concept rinsed and repeated, I can't say I was entirely impressed. Good job with the one puzzle, but that was the only thing interesting in terms of gameplay.

Difficulty: n/a - No difficulty, although this games features aren't based around Difficulty, so this can't really affect the overall score.

OVERALL: 4/10 - Indeed, this game is Unorthodox, but you have to take it as it is. HOWEVER, that does not excuse the fact it repeated the same thing over and over without adding any variety to it. I went into this game and a man with a coat full of candy promised me an interactive story... I didn't get what I expected.

Great story, terrible game.


Unorthodox Reviewed by 7grant2 on Monday, May 20th 2013. Unorthodox Is The Word For This Game - A game review written by 7grant2 for the game 'Unorthodox' by spellmage. Rating: 2