The Silver Swastik: Jail Break

By 91156 :: Monday April 19th, 2010

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Welcome to the second mission of opperation Silver Swastik. You have purposly been captured by the nazis along with the other jews. This high-securety prison is spcialy disigned for jews. Reinfoced steel bars, top of the line securety system, and many guards. Little do they know we have a secret weapon. You. MISSION 1: We have loosened some of the bars in your cell. It will be a thight squeeze, but you can make it through. MISSION 2: After you've squeezed through the bars, continue to your right, and walk into the key room. Disable the securety system, and get the key. Then approatch the roor on your left. MISSION 3: Kill the guards, and securety system. Then go into the door on the top. If you don't the cause is lost. in this door, you will find a small, but tricky maze. get all of the jems, and leave before you get trapped in the maze. MISSION 4: You can now approach the door on the bottom. When you go in, Go through the door on the left, for the one on the right is locked. When in, destroy the securety system, and guards. Get the lock pick, and pick the door on the right. Once in, destroy the securety key and retreat to the locked teleporter. MISSION 5: Once you've gone through the teleporter, you will find yourself in a long hall with small bumps on the walls. These bumps can excreate about 10,000 volts of electricity. Touch one, and you're as good as dead. Work your way through this hallway to the next teleporter. MISSION 6: When through the long hallway, go through the last hall. Unlock all the jew's cell doors, and go through the last teleporter. Congradulations, you have freed the jews, and yourself! But there is still many nazis that are still getting away with horrible and putrid things. We're just getting started.


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