-The Silver Swastik-

By 91156 :: Monday April 19th, 2010

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I hate Nazis! Their arrogance and brutality makes them a strong force, but this also makes them a target for revenge. For a jew like me these are dark days in Germany. violence and death aroun every corner. The Nazis think they can bound us, and keep us silenced. They're wrong. I have assembled a team of rebels, wishing to take down the nazi empire. They are skilled at what they do, and are ready at any time, anywhere. The Nazis are very strong, and their numbers are vast. So it will take much to bring them down. This is opperation: Silver Swastik MISSION 1: We have killed a Nazi officer, and stolen his clothes. Put these clothes on, and you will blend in perfectly. Sneek into their base, and walk through the first door. MISSION 2: There will be a security system when you walk through the door. You have to find out how to disable the system before it dose the same to you. MISSION 3: After you've disabled the security system, move ahead to the third room. when you get in, there will be a key guarded by yet another security system. destroy the system, and get the key. MISSON 4: Exit the room with the key, and there will be a large center piece in the room surounded with weak walls. in one of these walls is an allie, which will help you open the doors leading out. MISSION 5: There are two openings for the allie, choose carefully wich one to do first. Push the allie into the slot to open the doors. then quickly rush over to the next opening, and do the same. then hurry over to the doors, and work your way through the obsticles, and hope that the doors open. MISSION 6: When you get into the next room, there will be six nazi officers. Do not shoot them, for they still think you are one of them.go through the doors, and take off your disguise. You wont need it any more. they will already know who you are. MISSION 7: This is your final mission soldier. work your way through the silver maze until you find the two keys. destroy them and make your way to the center of the maze. go into the teleporter and weave your way through the obsticles. you will then find a crystal, and an invisible suit. Put that on, and make it up to the exit. then get caught and be held a nazi prisoner. This will lead to the mission of opperation Silver Swastik.


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