SONIC. Creepypasta Game Chinelin

By aidenjay03 :: Friday July 4th, 2014

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Hello. This game is based off a creepypasta that got deleted and had the video reuploaded, Since a guy named Chinelin closed his account on youtube. so his creepypasta named SONIC didn't have a game based off of it so I decided to make one and i dont own this pasta or anything... Sorry for bad grammar in game and also might be imposible to click on sonic at end. (To see video click here) (If you notice this game Shifty then i'm sorry about the other game...besides I hope the sequel to Sonic.exe Attacks Cartoon Network doesnt go wrong. (Copy and paste youtube video link) (Chinelin, please don't get mad if you see this cause i saw a comment on youtube saying that there should be a game based off of a creepypasta game on Mario World and gave me a idea I dont want a another game mistake happening like how i had hatred spreading on my other game on my old account.)


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