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By alaricpetz :: Wednesday January 27th, 2010

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Hi everyone!! How has everyone's January been? Anyway this is a quick update on my time on Sploder: (1) I'm now level 90! Thank you for everyone that's been my friend this year and last year, new and old!! (2) I was thinking about doing a mass Sploder prank by going to groups and putting the lryics to "Schools Out" in July, when school ends. It could get people to know me and hopefully get me more poeple in my group. It would probly take a whole day though. (3) Speaking of groups, I still don't have 100 members :(. Please request on invite for "Al Petz Master Group" so you can start group projects and the like. (4) Go look at some of my older games. I think some of you have never seen my older games because I was a noob when I made them. I honestly think they are better than my new ones. (5) I'm starting to notice that everone is copieng my games. Hmmm. It's not a big deal but I **** ton of people comment and praise other peoples games inspired me. If you wanna make a game that was inspired by me then cool, but tell the people that it was based off a game that I made. Anyway, that's it have a VERY nice 2010!!


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