tribute to madonna

By albadana :: Tuesday June 17th, 2008

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dont teleport!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By adamandlogan :: Sunday May 11th, 2008 Play Fullscreen » Loading game... « Back to Normal Size stingo'neal' kylesalyer45 and oreoman 651 sucks! and please do not write bad comments on this game because i worked hard on it. and... i'm not retarded ok! you just say that to make me feel bad now stop saying im retarded or i will give yoy 1 mill cookies and you will vomit so... you don want to vomit right? well anyway stop writing bad comments ok even if i laugh at the bad comments i dont like it anyway... want a cookie its free!!! ha! ha! that cookie had poison in it! you have 1 minute to find the antidote and if you dont find the antidote you will die mwuahahahah! so... please find the antidote or my moms gonna kill me (just kiding) oh yeah my mom isnt gonna kill me cause i was kiding about the poison! ha! i tricked you!! so... want some milk its free!! te he! ha the milk had poison in it not the cookie now you have 30 seconds to live and the andidote needs the folowing ingredients it needs: sugar an apology letter flour catfood honey and poop now mix it up alot ha i tricked you again you ate all that for nothing! ha! ha! ha! well... i guess that ends my discription just kidding i have lots of stories to tell... okay once there was a dragon and a night they battled 999.999 times than they vomited and ate some pasta ok... then they went to the library and the night read : training for nights the dragon read: how to torture nights so... the end


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