The Power of Grenades

By alexanderenglish :: Tuesday February 9th, 2010

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It is hard level! Can you defeat the big bully enemies? There's 135 grenades to use to help you but they could do no use. So it's your job to defeat 2 large enemies + thousands of more in my pack of levels. maybe millions or billions. The game before this one is having one thousand enemies to destroy! You might be so intrested in that one to. That one's hard, that one's inpossible and it's also killery, remarkably killery. If you complete this level then you could win next level! No matter how inpossible it is you can win every game i've made but the game 'for enemies' i've made is the highest level of my pack because it's level 8! Now this description is very long so it's time I finished. Bye one thing check out my other games.


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