Undercover Hacker

By alexhw :: Friday December 23rd, 2011

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You live in the slum of Vinache, Capital city of Kuomintang: Sploder world. Unlike the kingdom of Sploder, a fairyland where sploder rules over Hacker, this city has the largest gap between rich and poor in the world and all money is controlled by the bank of Kuomintang. You are very good with computers and got a job at the bank and a home, but you have been denied the chance to send money back home and your sister is gravely ill. You have had enough and sent a letter home saying that you will hack into the database and get money home to the vinanche slum. You must get past the high security and get through to the main computer database. Change the direction of the pay and redirect it to the printer to print off at least 2000 pounds. Some of the doors demand money. After this you must escape and you and your friends must hand out the money and get back to your sister. Hurry, your sister needs you. You are no longer a bank informations secretary. You are an undercover hacker...


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