Adventure Master 2

By alexman25 :: Saturday November 26th, 2016

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The second installment in my new game series, adventure master! In this improved sequel, you play as a new Character, have new upgrades, and in a new setting(for the first half of the game)! Adventure Master and Adventure Master 2 are games where you travel in a pseudo-3D environment. Enemies block your path, that can be disposed of in various ways, ranging from smacking them with stale bread, or smashing there heads in with coconuts! The normal stages tend to be short, but make up for it in game-play and gimmicks! At the end of some stages, you will find a Mini-Boss that you must defeat to proceed. In-between some stages you get Major-Bosses as a sort of intermission! They are the meat of the game, seeing what boss you fight next will be the reason you want to complete the stage in the first place! Riding around of rafts is fun and all, but wouldn't you rather be fighting a giant mask that spins a laser at you? Think of Mini-Bosses as a sort of, Apitiezer before the big meal! In this sequel, you traverse new levels, face tougher enemies, experience improved design, and discover new upgrades! Don't forget to have fun!


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