Welcome To Sploder City Get A House

By alternatboy2 :: Wednesday August 17th, 2011

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Hello, this is sploder city. If you are new, talk to the first two wizards to help you start and get a house. Threre are only a few houses so far, but dont worry, the city will grow, than alot more people will be a ble to fit in. Oh, and if you want your house even bigger, just tell me, it will cost you one award. And on holidays, thre will be special stuff. For example: For halloween, there will be candy at other peoples houses, and threre will be enimies to fight, and the background would turn to dead trees and a dark sky, and a scary maze, and dont make this win a contest please, if it does, I will delete it because too may people would want houses. Keep on coming back to see what I changed around. OH! And if you have a mansion, it wont cost one award for you to update your house, I will update it for free. Ask me if you want a house, and thats all for now, BYE!


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