Save the Sploder Olympics

By amdri :: Sunday March 9th, 2014

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People are trying out for ice skating, then Hurdles and then Creatingames and Iball4 go in jail for performance drugs and then put the Sploder Olympic owner JJS (Jackjoshseb) In jail for revenge, can you save him? Members featured in this game: Jackjoshseb: Gets put in jail and gets saved. Luca1673: Ice skating tryouts Pricedown: Ice skating tryouts Jmc10: Ice skating tryouts Lordeldar: Breaks his leg before ice skating tryouts Ethgamma: Hurdles tryout Hardgamez77: Hurdles tryouts Creatingames: Take performance drugs and then escapes from jail and get revenge on the sploder Olympics! Iball4: Same as creatingames^ Sreebrothers: Forest world god Milking: Tech world god.

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