[Review #4] I Recommend Not Entering A Lair Of Lava.

Review by amdri on Monday, April 7th 2014
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Lair of Lava is a game created by demonxz95

G’day lads its amdri here for his 4th review! Yep and this game “lair of lava” is hard. Well whilst demonxz95 is laughing at us whilst we die and rage, here I am just relaxing playing the private version of each level individually, Isn’t life good ay?

Anyway I should move onto more about the game, what do you guys reckon?


The gameplay is alright I guess. On level 6 the spikes did glitch up a bit and made a horrible sound and level 3 lagged quite a bit, but it was still playable. Apart from that the game was running smooth. But one thing that stressed me out is the lasers, you literally have 3 seconds to think about where you are going to jump. You are all probably thinking jumping is easy, all you have to do is press the up button. But when you have the music playing from the game whilst there is moving lava and 100 billion other things around you… Yeah, it is pretty hard.


Well in reality there wasn’t that many hazards, it was pretty simple like lava and lasers. But there was some scissor sorta things on the roof in level 4 but apart from that there was lava, lasers and spikes. But all I can say is that those lasers where placed very well and the spikes where more than annoying. I would say if there was no lasers in the game this game would have been easier but still quite hard.


What I absolutely love about demonxz95 games is that the player has no graphic and the scenery is very simple. I feel these days that people over decorate their game with graphics everywhere and that is what ruins the game, but demonxz95 has a perfect balance of that and that is what I admire about this game. But overall this is located in a lair of lava right? So yes of course there is gonna be lava and red stuff everywhere. So yeah the scenery was an interesting factor about this game.

Fun factor

Hmmm to be honest this game wasn’t fun. That reason is because it was too hard. It just got really annoying and wasn’t fun, but I reckon some people would find this fun simply because they are absolute guns at completing games, but a tip for next time demonxz95, make the game easier :D

Rating time lads

Gameplay: ____/_____
Hazards: ___/_____
Scenery: ____/_____
Fun factor: _/_____
Overall: _______/__________

I guess that sums up my review. I recommend you try this game out ASAP and other games of demonxz95 because he has some talent and his games are very fun ;)

So yeah that sums up my 4th review

Cya lads



Lair of Lava Reviewed by amdri on Monday, April 7th 2014. [Review #4] I Recommend Not Entering A Lair Of Lava. - A game review written by amdri for the game 'Lair of Lava' by demonxz95. Rating: 3.5