Room Of Arachnids

By amirmu12345 :: Tuesday March 9th, 2010

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Not even close to real--DON'T STOP READING THIS OR SOMETHING BAD'LL HAPPEN TO YOU!!!! Once there was a girl named carly and a guy named jake who were dating. one day jake took carly to a lake. carly could've swarn jake was about to propose...but instead he pushed her into a lake, saying "get out of my life!!!!" then driving away carly was destroyed. she walked home crying her eyes out. later in the bathroom, she cut her wrists and let herself bleed to death. her father walked in and found blood all over the bathroom, but carly was nowhere to be found. the next night, jake was taking a shower when carly came out of the drain, said "goodbye jake" and slit his throught before he could say anything. you have 11 minutes. repost this on 15 different games. If you do not, that means you are heartless...and carly will come from the drain and kill you the way she killed jake. you have 11 minues. GO!!! Well blueliberty, It has been 12 months since I last saw that, and I'm not dead!


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