By antmaxsalien :: Monday October 21st, 2013

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version 2 this game is been update it version 2 bugs are fixs less harder badguys more easy to kill now some dark theme are in and more better. in this halloween i have made a cool game every gernal action & adventage drama fighting war movies alien syfi the number 1 best and longest stages every whit 12 stages in this full made game it well make you all power up whit this awsome you be anthony wend he was a human fighting cross and his brother betray him he goes in planet bermuda circo and join as a solider then he went to a maxsalien pod that noone should go to it but anthony did and he became a maxsalien he now anthony maxsalien the last stronges powerful maxsalien as he has to fight spike from betray him and kill his own brother ghosties the good leader and fight spike the bad leader and maxsalien droids know as ma droids maxsalien solider demons robots and more play the game and you.ll see what happends and stay toon for the usan movie cooming soon


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