tails doll vs hell

By antmaxsalien :: Sunday December 1st, 2013

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now in this geart game more awsome tailsdoll was sent to hell by his creator and now meets whit demon sonic sonic axe and cream the doll mepiles the hedgehog and well fight mepiles from killing humans and has to get out of hell fighting all demons and whit a help of anthonymaxsalien from anthonymaxsalien rise of bermuda c he must help tailsdoll save the earth from the devil and who well win this is how tailsdoll mett anthonymaxsalien gernal action and adventure battles horror mild language strong violence and supernatural battles. and get ready for macgyver a new verison the movie and god of war 1 2 and 3 and later antknow the cyber maxsalien a movie game to enjoy don.t forget team usan the movie cooming soon.


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