The Eagle Chamber? Yeah Your New House Is A Bit Dangerous.

Review by aransploder on Sunday, September 5th 2010
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The Eagle Chamber is a game created by theeagle

The eagle chamber, by , guess who? theeagle.

Pre thoughts: well theeagles ships have sometimes been good, and sometimes been bad, so Im not to sure what to expect. the thumbnail looks ok, and its featured, so Ill try.

Playing: It was ok, but enemies were thrown in and there were few healths. There were no puzzles or passage ways, mazes or anything, it was enemies that made it hard and you were lucky to beat the blue spider. The enemies varied from spiders, kopters and speeders etc, and there were all in the same places. you were constantly in action, which was quite good.

honestly though Im not too sure if t was really feature worthy, no offence or anything. I still reccomend you play it though, its fun and your opinions may be different, so dont just be put off by my views, try it for yourself then judge it. It may take several goes to get very far.

now, pros and cons.


hard and challenging,

good use of space,


enemy placement



puzzle; __/_____:
difficulty; ____/_____:
enemy placement; __/_____:
funness; ____/_____:
action; _____/_____:

Overall; ***/***** or 3.5.

Im not trying to be mean, this is honest in my opinion.