This Is Illusionic.

Review by aransploder on Thursday, October 7th 2010

First of all I have to say congratz on the feature and great game. I enjoyed this game because the title didn't lie, like other games. this really is illusionic, and you get really confused, which is a very effective add to the game.

definately feature worthy, and definately worth this review. the thing is the game itself was the puzzle. Not many games I play are like this. some people may not like it because its hard, but easy games are boring to me. its challenging, puzzling and it looks cool aswell. well done Vinnie!


puzzle ____/_____:

action ___/_____:

challenge ____/_____:

fun ___/_____:

map ____/_____:

overall ____/_____:

pros and cons.


pros: great puzzle, challenging, good colorful map

cons: not much action, not much supplies


Illusionic waves 2- Reviewed by aransploder on Thursday, October 7th 2010. This Is Illusionic. - A game review written by aransploder for the game 'Illusionic waves 2-' by vinniepaz1234567. Rating: 4