Lost In Darkness

By arsalankhan :: Sunday March 8th, 2015

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"Everything in this story is fictitious" You were playing "hide and seek " with your friends , but when you were running and hiding you found a strange old palace , then you hid in it . You don't know whats happening because doors are closing and everything is black . Now you realized that you are trapped . Now you must perfom some risks and find a way to get of this old and wretched palace.. But after you get out of the old palace , you see the "evil demon" says something in his language and disappears then you realized that you are trapped again so you have to be careful and perform some hard tasks to get out of the evil demon's palace. The Demon Story " Do you want to know where and who is the evil demon ? So listen :> From now to 1695 years back there was a king named : Alexander the Great , he killed an innocent boy's father named Arceus in a certain case in his palace, and you are in the same palace ... Before killing Arceus, Alexander asks for his last wish then Arceus in loud voice " I will kill everybody who steps in this ugly bad palace then Alexander was full of anger and he beheaded Arceus .. Now the demon Arceus wants to kill you ..


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