Mission Earth

By arsalankhan :: Friday July 22nd, 2016

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Our beautiful earth's saddest story! One day, the aliens attacked the world, and started killing people. They wanted to rule the world, and so, you were in the "Wonderland". You were lucky, you didn't get killed but your health was critical. Except you, all the people died even your family in the Wonderland.. Because of this, you were highly depressed you stayed in your room for many months! And one day, you heard a huge noise, you checked from your window that what is happening; then you saw a big alien ship, landing on the earth again.. Then you realized it was just the beginning.. You said: My family is gone.. Except me, and now, i have nothing, but there should also be more people like me surviving this, so I will defend my Earth. And so: Mission Earth! ATTENTION: People who beat this game, will get 15 MS Gold Awards.. *Featured by Creatingames* on 31st March 2015.


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