By arsalankhan :: Thursday February 5th, 2015

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From now to 500 years back , There was a pirate named "James Hook" who was searching for treasure for last 10 years. After searching and searching . He finally succeeds , by finding an old map . He travelled very long distance with some of his pirates and slaves on his ship. He found an island which was very beautiful .. But when they entered the island his slaves were disappearing ::::: After 1 hour they have found their dead bodies. Then James ask his other pirates "Be alert , i think this is the island of traps. Be aware of traps or you will die" Now James and his pirates went into an old cave .. And Searching for the treasure . But they didn't find it . But when they were coming out of the cave a big pointed thing fell from heights and kill the pirates . James survived from that ,somehow.James was alone to find the treasure. ~~~~~~~~~~


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