By articuno360 :: Friday August 14th, 2020

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This is my entry for EGD14 - it is a puzzle platformer game with a bit of a twist: there are 7 sections of the game surrounding each of the previous sections, and you need to transport a singular paused grenade (you can do this by throwing a grenade and pressing 'P' before it explodes) through each of the sections until you get to the final section. You will also notice that to open the door, you need to kill all enemies. It's a bit more complicated than that however, since every enemy in the game has it's own specific purpose: make sure you don't kill them before they have fulfilled that purpose, or else you won't be able to progress! There is a mini-boss fight at the end of the game, but don't fret about that because since this game's genre is puzzle, it would be cruel for me to make it too hard ;) I've recorded a pre-testing walkthrough as well (although changes have been made to the game after the recording of the walkthrough, you can still use it to fully complete the game) which can be found HERE: https://youtu.be/g-NT1NM4GZQ Enjoy!


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