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Review by articuno360 on Sunday, November 13th 2016
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Quest Zone II is a game created by moolatycoon


Hi, Iím articuno360, as you have most likely gathered. This is a review about Quest Zone II by Moolatycoon. This game is a collaboration with mat7772, and the two of them worked as hard as they could to publish a masterpiece platformer. However the result was better than we expected. This game went above and beyond, enough to earn themselves a spot in the Epic Game Library! And the vast majority of everyone who has played Quest Zone II should be able to recognise why. This game is a mix of interesting enemies, killer puzzles and picturesque scenery, flowing perfectly throughout the trials, able to draw in any gamer. That is why I have chosen to review this game.


I had high expectations when Quest Zone II was published. The original Quest Zone had me on the edge of my seat, as it was! But Quest Zone II surpassed my expectations by miles. The trials were more unique, revolving around elements not commonly executed well or portrayed as that element in particular by many other gamers. But in this game, every trial gives you a very specific feel of each element. For example, in the ocean trial, to prevent the player going down a pit (making the wheel go down instead), spikes are used instead of lava to repel the player. But however difficult it was to remind the player of the theme, no trial overly included or excluded their respective elemental blocks, ensuring that the player is as indulged as possible. However, there were a few times when one puzzle was repeated. This was the Ďactivate a temporary switch and use it to push you through a couple of ramp tilesí puzzle. I liked how Moola made this puzzle different from the others every time it was used, so the puzzle didnít make me bored. It actually made the game experience much more interesting. For example, you have to find different ways to activate the switches with your weapons in ways which are hardly used or seen before.

Quest Zone II has incredible aesthetics. Including some under-used decoration blocks and many tilesets, Quest Zone II lures the player in with its beautiful scenery; never making the background too bright or dark, unless required for an ominous atmosphere. Unfortunately, quite often there would be an open area which repeats the same tile over and over again. Also, I think the aesthetics of every trial need to be more unique; every now and again, two trials would be too similar, such as the stone and factory, sand and volcano. Usually, if you want to remind yourself which element this level portrays, you start off by looking at the scenery. But two trials frequently look too much like each other, and the background doesnít always convey the sole feel of the element the level should portray. However, in some cases the aesthetics of a trial perfectly capture the theme, like the ice, ocean and dreams trials, where the tilesets are amazing for the elements, enough to make people want to use them for their own games.

However, like every game, Quest Zone II has some downsides. The whole story is that you awaken in another set of the Godís Trials after overcoming the first set of trials while trying to change your familyís lifestyle of poverty. However, during the game you find out that the Gods are trying to stop you with the boss battles. Yet their efforts really donít seem to amount to much, as these boss battles are too easy for one, and secondly there just arenít enough of them, only Instinct of the Sand Trial, The Treacherous Wizard of the Ice Trial, The Five Senses of the Ocean Trial and most likely one more in the Factory and Dream Trials. There is indubitably enough space to add a boss battle for each trial, especially as one of the puzzles is repeated too much. And I think that more boss battles would make the game more fun and they could also add a bit more necessary difficulty if they were made to be harder. After all, a boss battle is supposed to be hard and difficult! Granted, Moola prolonged the achieving of better weapons (for example the mace was only acquired in the Ocean Trial) which resulted in making the battles ever so slightly harder. However, this doesnít have much of an effect, as a Thor and two turrets, or a battle with a Mercenary on logs, or turrets guarding some switches are some examples of Quest Zone IIís present easy boss battles. Most of these enemies can be killed with a few hits of a sword, or just one simple explosion of a grenade. These are very unrealistic for battles which are supposed to serve as fights to destroy, and Iíd expect more, especially from an amazing game such as this.

Quest Zone II displays incredible talent and any normal person would easily work out why this is such a big hit on Sploder. But these are my final scores.

Gameplay: _____/_____
Difficulty: ____/_____
Puzzles: ____/_____
Scenery: _____/_____
Overall: ____.__/_____

In the introduction I stated that any gamer would see why this game is in the EGL. And with its two main factors, the fantastic gameplay and its striking scenery, this game deserves all the praise it gets. I think that this game proves Moola and Mats skills in the platformer creator, and I can expect lots more amazing games to play in the future. And hopefully I will be able to review those games too!

Thanks for reading everyone!


Quest Zone II Reviewed by articuno360 on Sunday, November 13th 2016. 1# Quest Zone II - A game review written by articuno360 for the game 'Quest Zone II' by moolatycoon. Rating: 5