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Review by articuno360 on Wednesday, April 5th 2017
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Mawaho is a game created by cxrest

Hey all, Iím back again on the review page to review another game. This time I have chosen to review Mawaho by cxrest, a member who is renowned for his incredible shooters and platformer games. He has many years of experience on Sploder so itís no surprise he makes such fantastic games. However Mawaho is a game created using the PPG creator, which cxrest is new-ish to, so I was curious to see what Mawaho had to it.


Mawaho has a nice simple story to go with the game. From the description I read:

You are a tiki mask named Mawaho. Your tribe of tikis has sent you into the tropics to retrieve special gems that contain powers. If you complete this quest you become the new tribe leader. If you don't, you are banished from their land. The tribe has their doubts on you making it through, so it looks like it's time to prove them wrong!

I like the story. Itís short and simple, easy to remember and it isnít complicated at all. Sure it doesnít really have any effect on the actually game itself, but it is always nice to know why you are on a quest to capture a load of shiny gems. So far so good! We have a solid story to enhance the meaning of the game. I am looking forward to what I am presented with next!

Mawahoís gameplay keeps me playing it for hours on end (although admittedly I still havenít beaten it please donít hurt me). Again itís just so simple. Each levelís map is small, which is good because we donít need to adventure to the other side of the map when we press a button to see if we opened a door, but instead we can just glance from over to the other side without pressing any buttons. However making a game with a small map can be a challenge for some members on Sploder because there is much less space, however we donít seem to be fazed by the small maps at all, because cxrest has placed his platforms and enemies and gems so perfectly well. The small map makes the game simpler and easier to play, the placement is excellent and still there is enough of the map to give the player a challenge when tackling one of the amazing levels (donít get me wrong, Iím not saying that small maps are better than big maps, but cxrest can certainly use small maps effectively). Also something else Iíd like to add about the gameplay would be the simple, minimalistic controls. We have no guns to shoot (that would be unrealistic though when compared to the scenery) or any stones to throw, but we have one aim which keeps us from being distracted by too many things. We have enough things we need to look out for, and too many things in the maps/levels which could distract us would make the game less fun. Mawaho is incredibly fun because of the minimal hazards, great placement and overall fantastic gameplay. One con I have is the need to double jump on some levels, especially when there is a time limit as simply pressing the up arrow key constantly gets repetitive and is the one area of the gameplay where I start getting irritated.

To me, the thing which stands out like a bolt of lightning in Mawaho is the incredible scenery. Cxrestís aim was to make Mawaho Ďaesthetically appealingí and thatís exactly what he did. I donít think Iíve ever seen more intricate graphics or decorations in a Sploder game before, theyíre just fantastic in Mawaho. The scenery in Mawaho portrays brilliant atmospheres, and the colour schemes are vibrant and beautiful, even if they are repeated sometimes. The graphics have such high quality and they generally look really amazing. Nothing else can be said here really other than cxrestís aim with the visuals were indubitably successful. Fantastic job cxrest!

The physics of Mawaho in general were just above average. They worked well, however, I feel the need to point out a few flaws and errors. For example, the need to double jump gets really tedious, and also on level 6 one of the blue boxes would sometimes slide off another box below (which I presume has the ice material property), which would make the rest of the level impossible. I would just like to say that a little more testing would do the world of good for Mawaho.

Overall scores:

Story: 4.5/5

Gameplay: 4.5/5

Scenery: 4.5/5

Physics: 3.5/5

Overall: 4.1/5

Mawaho is a fantastic game. Although in some areas the physics let it down slightly I feel like this game was a great success. Cxrestís aims for the game were met entirely, which in the end earned a 4.1/5 from me.

Thank you so much for reading my review of Mawaho by cxrest, and I hope you all have a fantastic week! Excellent game cxrest, you have earned my respect.


Mawaho Reviewed by articuno360 on Wednesday, April 5th 2017. #7 Mawaho By Cxrest! - A game review written by articuno360 for the game 'Mawaho' by cxrest. Rating: 4