[ER] #8 What Is This Game Doing To My Mind!?

Review by articuno360 on Monday, April 17th 2017
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M I N D is a game created by jigglypuff12345

Hey everyone, I’m here again to review a game called M I N D by jigglypuff12345. Jiggly is a slightly less known member on the MS standing with 2 features, including this game. His best games are without a second thought his PPG’s. M I N D is also a PPG, which is why I was so hyped for its release (not to mention that I also tested this game so I knew what the game had to it). Now I have found that Jiggly’s games are top-notch when lots of effort has been put in to make them, but would I say that M I N D is one of them? Despite its feature, is it really top-notch? Let’s have a look!


First of all, if someone is to play a game they’re going to look at the thumbnail. From a thumbnail you can most of the time tell what type of game you’re about to play. The thumbnail of M I N D is a broken skull amongst a dark background. It looks really nice and well made, so Jiggly has made a good start at attracting players to his game. Next, after I glance at the thumbnail I tend to check out the comments. A ton of people where asking ‘what to do’, ‘what is the objective?’ etc. This can both deter people away from playing a game, but it can also make someone want to play and defeat the game. It’s pretty self-explanatory as to why someone wouldn’t want to play M I N D if you wouldn’t understand what you had to do, but on the other hand, players might want to complete a tough game and boast about on the game’s comments and get people asking how they completed the game and such.


First of all I want to say that there is no story. For an adventure game like M I N D, I would want to scroll down to the description and see a meaningful story, maybe about treasure and discoveries, however instead when I scrolled down I got: ‘Thank you guys for the support ))’. I have two things to say to this. Number one: you’re welcome, and number two: it isn’t bad to give thanks to someone for supporting them while they make the game, but I also expect a story to go with this game so I understand the game slightly more. Also, a story can create a brilliant atmosphere if it is written correctly. I wouldn’t say that not writing a story to go with M I N D makes the game worse, but I certainly see it as a flaw.

If you have already played M I N D, I’m sure you can remember that the first level had so much lag as a result of such intense scenery. This is one thing which hinders the gameplay: lag. It just makes the game so much slower and there are no positives to lag whatsoever. In some ways I’m glad the lag was on the first, beginning level as that level wasn’t very difficult at all (if you know what to do) so the lag would only make the game slower and the player harder to control, but it wouldn’t make the level like impossible or anything like some other games. However this is the first level the players play, and being greeted by such levels of lag would put them off the rest of the game. However let’s not linger too much on the lag as it isn’t the entire game. The controls were fine. I had no problems with them, no trouble moving in the actual game, the simple up, down, left, right arrows (and the S and SPACE keys) were easy to use and kept the game simple and also very fun.

M I N D is a perfect example of what a good PPG adventure game should look like. The usage of both custom graphics and premade textures and colours given to you by the actual creator are visually amazing. Jiggly doesn’t seem to have any problems portraying different environment like an underground temple, or an ocean floor. In fact he is capable of using physics to make the scenery realistic, for example making the leaves of forest trees gently moving about in the wind. I do have one issue, which is the fact that the scenery caused bad lag on the first level, but we are looking at the visual appearance right now, not how smoothly the game runs so I can easily discard that issue and get on with the rest of the review.

M I N D is not too difficult at all. Most levels we only have like one or two objectives or a little minigame which are simple and fun. Now let me tell you something. A game doesn’t have to be hard to be worthy of a feature. M I N D is another great example of this. M I N D isn’t too hard yet it has been awarded a feature. The concept of the game is fine, the scenery is incredible, and that’s what I personally think has made this game feature worthy. It doesn’t need to be difficult, and to be honest, I’m glad it’s not difficult. Games like these need to be more fun and enjoyable than hard. The objectives are quite easy and simple to complete making the game not too hard, and also it keeps the level fun, as you don’t get too frustrated playing M I N D. It’s quite an easy going game you can play to have fun without getting angry at the difficulty of the game.

I think that the placement of M I N D is actually quite good. We have some nice spread out levels which are makes them more relaxed and calm levels, while on others you are constantly avoiding arrows, jumping from block to block and swimming around octopuses. The spread out levels. The arrow dispensers are placed in fantastic places which forces you to time your movements to avoid losing lives, hazards are not incredibly difficult to get around, which again helps keep the level at a good level of difficulty. However at parts the placement made the game hard and would test your patience a lot, for example on one of the underwater levels, level 6 I ~think~ had too many patches of coral which mad the game quite hard in that area. Especially as he seem patch would remove multiple lives at once. I think those patches of coral could be less clustered, or only capable of removing one life.

Gameplay: 3.5/5

Scenery: 4.5/5

Difficulty: 4/5

Placement: 3.5/5

Overall: 3.8/5

By my standards I would feature M I N D (If I was an editor and if it wasn’t featured). The most important part of every game, the gameplay, wasn’t outstanding, however I found that the intricate scenery and the fairness of the game seemed to top the importance of the gameplay in M I N D (of course the gameplay was still important but I found that what really made this game feature worthy was the scenery and the difficulty level). Of course I think that any sequel that could be made should have better gameplay, and I would also love a story to go with the game. But in the end I gave this game a 3.8/5 which just surpassed the feature boundary (by my standards).

Thank you all so much for reading my review of M I N D by jigglypuff12345 and I hope you have a fantastic day!


M I N D Reviewed by articuno360 on Monday, April 17th 2017. [ER] #8 What Is This Game Doing To My Mind!? - A game review written by articuno360 for the game 'M I N D' by jigglypuff12345. Rating: 3