Don't Be Offended By This Game's Description

Review by articuno360 on Tuesday, May 2nd 2017
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minecraft is a game created by boytucker

I look into the comments of every featured game and I see praise and compliments and the makers replying with a love heart to show their gladness, and seeing this warms my heart. But then we get some games which are hard and puzzling, yet the people don't show their respect to the maker, but instead they comment 'impossible' and 'noob make good games !!1!!' and then the maker just fights back and fires insults at the other guy again. It becomes the cause of an internet flamewar and it forces tears out my eyes...

Then we come to minecraft by boytucker. People love the game, as it is funny, there are pretty cool graphics and some... ~unique~ gameplay. I was coming to the story, I scrolled down to the description and I was greeted by:

ur dumb

This stung me. It was rude, distasteful and upsetting. Some animals can pass away from a broken heart, for example, elephants. If they are on their last legs, and they read this comment, the overwhelming sadness which can be felt from visualising such hate from a man of love could well finish the elephant off. This is why I firmly believe we should stop hate on Sploder. These two, small words created utter uproar in the comments, and no mod has taken action against it. The population of Sploder is growing more rapidly than ever before, and I wouldn't be surprised to see some animals coming in, especially animals which are heavily impacted by broken hearts. I would hate to see some accounts never go online ever again just because they saw such a cruel comment directed to the entire Sploder MS community. Let me reassure you all, you are not dumb, and a message to any animals to log on in approximately two years, ignore the comment. It is horrible and disgusting.

Feel free to play minecraft though just don't scroll down