AutumnWinter Kart DEMO

By autumnwinter :: Sunday November 29th, 2015

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WOW! Thanks for the contest win! For two and a half years on Sploder, this game was my first contest winner. Anyway, welcome to my game with the longest game-creating time span! That's right, it took me almost one year to make this. Not this level. About 6, actually. But I will finish it for you. Promise! Anyway, Autumnwinter Kart DEMO has one course for you to enjoy: Junior Circuit. This course was based on Juniortennis7, much like other people who have their own tracks. You are racing as me, and the CPU racers are Juniortennis7 (blue), Swimmer18 (red), and Dust59 (brown, and not racing in Junior Circuit.) So I will complete the other 8 courses ASAP, and you can be racing to your heart's end! If that's how you say it...bye!


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