Gravity Gridlock

By autumnwinter :: Sunday September 18th, 2016

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After about two months of game-creatin', Gravity Gridlock is finally published for you guys to play! In Gravity Gridlock, NASA has sent you (Ursula) on a dangerous quest to "kill" a very destructive meteor that will hit Earth. When in space, Ursula's space shuttle is heading towards the Meteor Destroyer, but it malfunctions and explodes right there! Luckily, Ursula survived the explosion. Unfortunately, she has to moonwalk all the way to the Meteor Destroyer. In this game, you need to use a whole lot of timing and memory. Ursula has small meteors, moving glass blocks, and more obstacles to overcome! I'd also like to thank King990 and Warrior101kdn for being my testers. And if anyone sees this concept as familiar, I got the idea from Garden Gridlock from Wii Party. So, I guess that's it. Enjoy Gravity Gridlock!


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