By autumnwinter :: Thursday October 26th, 2017

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(Entry for EGD 11) Nikolay is a 19-year old scientist who is still in his Russian college. When he hears that his older 23-year old brother, Gustav, is sick with a rare and fatal illness, he is the only one who can concoct a cure for it. It's harder to get to Gustav's cabin than you might think. Being very introverted, Gustav built his cabin on the very top of Mt. Domna, a mountain that stretches through Russia, Finland, Sweden, and Norway, only getting steeper and steeper. Nikolay needs your help to climb Mt. Domna and save his brother's life. Only the best of the best can pass the tricks, traps, and puzzles that Mt. Domna has laid out for you. So, how about it? Are you ready to brave the cold and reach the summit?


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