Sploder Legacy Ethans Revenge P1

By awesomefinnz :: Sunday October 4th, 2020

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Welcome to a new series! This time MORE EPIC than the last! (Hopefully haha) So this series is about the Ethan2009 we know and hate lol (jk) who saved sploder and becomes evil after an evil entity possesses him, things go very wrong as he destroys everything in his path! Featured Members in the intro: http://forums.sploder.com/index.php/topic,346051.0.html (Can't list them all cuz it's a big list :| ), Featured Members in this episode (By order of appearance): Ethan2009, Beeborobot666, Bricc, Awesomefinnz, DjCruize, ???, Wordigirl, Konnichiha, Aaqib, Lordeldar, 7Grant2 and Geoof (rip lol). [DIALOGUE 1] (Lordeldar) Ethan, Ethan! Are you alright? (Ethan2009) Duh I'm ok, besides I'm feeling a bit weird right now, like there's something wrong with me. (Finnz) You will be alright mate, just take a rest and you'll be fine. (Konni)You must be very tired after saving sploder... (Ethan) I'm fine guys, don't worry. *Suddenly Ethan begins to twitch and jump uncontrollably* (Aaqib) AAA! What's happening to him!? (Wordi) Stand back! I will heal him back to normal real quick! *She produces a yellow orb of light* [DIALOGUE 2](Finnz) Welp, ethan went ballistic... Now what? (Wordi) I'm sorry everyone, my powers weren't enough to cleanse ethan from the evil spirit trapped inside him. (Aaqib) Don't feel bad, you did your best! (Lordeldar) I am thinking about paying a visit to Grant, he might know what to do... (Konni) Good idea, let's go there ASAP!


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