Escaping Windows 7

By awesomenes123 :: Monday July 11th, 2016

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Hello. I have finaly reached Windows 7, and my account for sploder gets deleted for losing a game, jumps out, destroys My fathers computer, Fights my mom for an orb that will power up my computer, and gets eaten by Mom!! If you wanna see more, Play Escaping Windows 8. Rate this game 5 stars, vote, fav, and nominate!! THE REASON THAT IT TOOK A LONG TIME I was lazy. Please comment!! And also, the fighting mom level is possible WHAT IT MEANS: !!!*text here*!!! Effect. *Name here*... A dialog CHARETERS Me, Dad, Mom PLACES Loading screen, desktop, sploder, level 250 chalenge, Deleted account menu, house, mom's room, Mom's Mouth GOOG LUCK, player!


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