Lets Kill Sceptile

By badcam :: Monday December 26th, 2011

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Chatroom a: Mike986 says: I wasted $&[email protected]$£* 30 mins on Sceptile's new game!!! Tom78 says: I know, he makes his games to $£%*&£$ frustrating! Mike986 says: Wish someone would go over there and shut his company down!! Tom78 says: %$£&!!! Maybe we should!!! Mike986 says: SRSLY LET'S DO THAT! MEET OUTSIDE SCEPTILE TOWERS NOW!!! Tom78 says: Good. Bring weopons. Mike986 says: LET'S KILL SCEPTILE!!! Notes: This game is no offence to sceptile - I think he's awesome. I was inspired by Nitrome Mustb Die.


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