Alien aftershock

By beast4321 :: Thursday June 2nd, 2016

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A large, unmoving, unidentified object floated over Earth; Who knew what it was. With some of the smartest people on Earth baffled the only thing left to do was wait. After 10 days of scientist examining it movement was spotted on the object. It was several dots, becoming bigger and bigger and bigger... because they were coming cl0ser. The dots turned out to be massive cruisers that spawned masses of aliens onto Earth... people screaming.... flashing lasers... building falling to the ground. In moments, millions were dead. Your home city was one of the victims; it was completelyt destroyed. You watched your home being wrecked with anger; Who did they think they were? you ran and ran. For a long time you aimlessly wandered, seeing no other living people for a long time, until you finally found a group of survivers calling them self the resistsance and you joined them. The time for hiding is over. Now, it is time to recapture everything the aliens took from you. It is time to rebuild, and stand against the alien after shock... ~ credit to Mario10007 and swedenplatformge for the name ideas. Also, special thanks to all my fans (total fan count... 0) Thanks for the support | This game came second in AutonmWinters game contest and has been entered into Glow001's second game contest. It came second (again) | Updates; version 1.0, game released. version 1.1, minor bug fixes. version 1.2, boss battle modified, minor bug fixes. Version 1.3, minor bug fixes.


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