Review #2-Is 'Winter' Really Necessary?

Review by beefburito on Tuesday, July 2nd 2013
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Articunos winter is a game created by religious2

I mean, it’s an ice animal. I’m no animal-studier-guy, but I am pretty sure an ice bird would be in a cold biome. So it would be snowing year round. True, it would snow in winter, and it fits the theme, but I just need a snappy intro to use for my second review. :3

Game: Articunos winter

Maker: Religious2

Type: PPG

Intro Jr.

Yep, the intro had a son.

Hi, this is King Jeremy the Wicked, oh, sorry. I’m Beefy (But if you want to call me King Jeremy the Wicked, be my guest. It’s a dope name). Today I’ll be reviewing Articunos winter, if you went all “tl;dr” on my little info column. Yeah, let’s get started on the review!

Pre-Thoughts (Ermahgerd berg lerrters)

“Articuno, isn’t that a pokemon?”

Mah epic thought when I found this game. I don’t really like pokemon that much, but the name “Articuno” sounds like the name of a pokemon (weird and long) so I just took a guess. Am I right? I don’t have the slightest idea. As said above, I’m no pokemon geek.

The thumbnail looked, interesting? I couldn’t really make out anything except snow. Snow, snow, snow! That’s it! Maybe a tree here or there, but other than that, SNOW!!!

Gameplay (No more berg lerrters =( )

“Gameplay already? Slow down, Beefy! The world’s moving too fast for me already!”-Everyone who read this.

Yeah, I know. Going too fast. I’m typing this at night, so I’m tired. Just a warning, if you come across weird language you think is foreign.

Aiight, so Religious2 made some great graphics for Articunos winter. They were not really bitty and stuff. They were smooth. It’s like Reli used different shapes for the graphics. Right triangles to place inside the edges.

On the first level, before the total apocalypse of fire, Articuno must get to his cave to rest. These little icicle things that will (Somehow) stab you (Even though you’re flying) spawn from the ice. They spawn every other second I believe. It’s a clever design, and clever use of a puzzle.

Plotline-Articuno has to escape the magical land of Antarctica because fire birds and stuff are burning junk down. Good lesson for kids.

In all seriousness, the storyline is pretty dang creative. I couldn’t have thought of anything like that. It’s like a (box of chocolates, never know whatcha gonna get) novel. Or a caption. It fills you in on stuff, and adds more “pizazz” to your game. Nice one, Reli.

The scenery was great! The snow texture, the trees, the fire burning down all in sight making a massive firework. It was amazing. It seemed like an actual flash game. Maybe you should turn it into a flash game, Reli. It good turn out amazing. ;)

Ratings (Yayzers, the berg lerrters are backzles)

Difficulty: ____/_____

Articunos winter was a pretty challenging game if you ask me.

Level Placement: _____/_____

The scenery was outstanding!! Top-notch job, Reli.

Enemy Placement: ____/_____

Here an enemy, there an enemy. Everywhere an enemy enemy!

Puzzles: ___/_____

I didn’t see many puzzles tbh. But that may be from my point of view, seeing as I may not have gotten as far as you may have.

Creativity: _____/_____

As said above, the story is amazing.




Well, time to end the review. I liked writing this review late at night when I was very tired. So, see you next time!

King Jeremy the Wicked (ruled his world) signing out.


Articunos winter Reviewed by beefburito on Tuesday, July 2nd 2013. Review #2-Is 'Winter' Really Necessary? - A game review written by beefburito for the game 'Articunos winter' by religious2. Rating: 4.5