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Review by beefburito on Monday, July 8th 2013
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Doppelganger is a game created by elroyjjs


Hey y’all. Beefy here with his third review and first EGD review ever (big whoop). EGD is a Sploder’s biggest game contest on the Forums. It stands for Epic Game Drop. Hundreds of users make the best game they can and publish it on a certain date. This year’s date was July 7th, today. I’ll be reviewing a game like no other, a game that is literally impossible to remake.



Game: Doppelganger

Makers: Elroysice and Jackjoshseb

Type: Plat

Detail Thingie

So, why is this game impossible to remake? It’s a glitch. In Doppelganger, there are two players! You have to solve puzzles, using both players. The players move at the exact same moment, making the puzzles hard. With tricky movements and perplexing puzzles, Doppelganger seems like a fun game. But is it?

Pre Thoughts

On the Forums, I saw the Doppelganger hype thread, saw a gameplay video, and look at screenshots. So I knew a lot about this game. But, for some reason, when I started playing I felt like I had never seen nor heard about the game before.

The thumbnail looked, good? You can only see some walls, one player, and a ladder. But there’s a lot more to it than that. Flying blockhead (yep lol) opening and closing all kinds of doors, and power gluv puzzles. So, to add all that up, the thumbnail pretty much gives nothing away.


Alright, when you start playing, you see your little blockheads in to rooms. Not much design, not much, well, anything! Just two little bros standing around. Really isn’t anything good imo.

As I progressed through Doppelganger, I saw why it took a long time to make. All new puzzles, featuring both Blockheads, neat RPG elements (though there were few), and much more! I couldn’t make a game like Doppelganger in 5 months! Elroy and JJS did a great job.

The storyline reminded me a lot like Portal. And it’s meant to be like Portal. Elroy told me on the Forums. JJS and Elroy did a great job making it like Portal. The grumpy narrator, the ‘test chambers’, and the plot in general. It felt like I was playing Portal, except, there were no portals lol.

I can’t say many bad things about Doppelganger. It’s great in many ways. The storyline, puzzles, action, EVERYTHING! This is probably going to win some categories in EGD this year.

One of the only bad things I found was the scenery. I mean, it’s not bad, nor good. It’s just, “meh”. The two game makers seemed to place random decoration in random spots, it seem. I think that may be the only bad thing about Doppelganger.









Difficulty: ____/_____

Doppelganger is a tough game, I must say. It takes great players, like Mat7772 or Dudki to beat this game.

Level Placement: __/_____

As said above, the design and scenery were “meh”. Doppelganger has room for improvement here.

Enemy Placement: _____/_____

All enemies were where they were needed. Elroy and JJS did a superb job at placing enemies.

Puzzles: _____/_____

Man, those puzzles are great! From using your power gluv to have one blockhead fly, to opening doors from both sides, Doppelganger has puzzles.

Creativity: _____/_____

This game can not be remade, due to the amazing glitch. Doppelganger deserves this creativity score.




Boy, Doppelganger is great. Definitely feature worthy, maybe EGL worthy, seeing as it’s one of a kind. Doppelganger is an amazing game, and I urge you to check it out.

Beefy signing out.


Doppelganger Reviewed by beefburito on Monday, July 8th 2013. [EGD] [email protected]!! - A game review written by beefburito for the game 'Doppelganger' by elroyjjs. Rating: 4.5