Rebellion Part 1 Jail Break

By benisaewsome :: Thursday July 1st, 2010

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Please read this. You live in a once peaceful land. Then, the Fire King attacked and wiped out many civilizations. His massive invasion force captured you and your village. You were kept in solitary confinement for weeks, but they recently moved you to a different cell. You hear the guards talking and find out they are going to execute you today. You decide you are going to start a rebellion. Here's what you know: there is an emergency escape pod outside the walls of the prison. You plan to take it to the Fire Palace to destroy the Fire King and free everyone. The guards above you have some basic equipment that you plan to take. The guards and the security systems are relatively weak. Once you get to the prison tower, go to the top, destroy the warden (a George), take his key, and get to the escape pod. Then, you're on your way to the Fire Palace. Good luck.


Tags: cool

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