Review by benisaewsome on Tuesday, July 21st 2020
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Raft is a game created by bricc

Raft is a game that everybody knows. Everybody has seen it as a permanent fixture of the featured games page. Everybody has surely played it. Surely everybody remembers their first experience with Raft--you see the cute little square protagonist, you look at how cute he is. Maybe you read the instructions and maybe you don't. Maybe you try to mess with the planks on your first try and maybe you don't. Either way you will invariably hit that big "simulate" button, only for our cute protagonist to perish on the waters below, and before you know it you're sent back to the leaderboard.

Now the learning curve is....uh.....wait a minute. The leaderboard....is that what I think it is?? Benisaewsome has the high score??!! Benisaewsome, the rumored and author of this review???! On the most popular game, the most prestigious leaderboard, besting the evil master106 by a heroic margin, yes, I, benisaewsome, made history, made the impossible real, grabbed the horizon by its neck and refused to let go. Through the virtue of the divine creator (bricc) and my own fingers dripping with the zeitgeist of a generation I achieved what is quite possibly the greatest accomplishment of all time. Feel me.

Raft is a game that is what you make of it. Raft is a game among games. It represents the American dream and the death thereof. It has been said that one may never truly understand Raft but I say otherwise. Let it be known to all who play it hereafter. Raft is an unsoiled triumph, but depending on how you look at it, it's just ok. But every time I see that cute little cube at the end on his raft, by god, a tear comes to my eye.

Graphics: _____/_____
Gameplay: _____/_____

Total: ________/_______________

(note: this might not seem high, but it is very high based on my rating system.)


Raft Reviewed by benisaewsome on Tuesday, July 21st 2020. Raft - A game review written by benisaewsome for the game 'Raft' by bricc. Rating: 5