The State Of Betrrr Games in 2018

By betrrr :: Saturday March 24th, 2018

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I've dreaded posting this message ever since I fell into this slump. --- Dear friend, have you noticed that I've become extremely inactive over the coming months? Yes. I have. I haven't posted a proper game since March. One whole year! The most recent thing I had was a demo back in November. I keep telling myself not to quit, this is a great website from my childhood, but alas I have lost nearly all the interest that I once had for this website. In fact, during the year of 2017, correct me if I'm wrong, but I only released 2 games. All the other ones were eaten away by the voracious appetite of procrastination. All I have planned for 2018 are as follows: :The full Sploder Spinball :A new Sonic game that I have been holding back since (I think) late January, Sonic the Hedgehog: Disco Dodo. :A Steamed Hams meme but converted entirely into Sploder. ---- Anyway... I can't keep pushing things back like this. After nearly 7 years on this site, I feel like I should go out with my favorite games to make. :Bike Boy 6 :Coin Catch 4 :Mr. Man 3D 2 :Wario Land: Shake It! And the games I mentioned above. ---- So, what do you think? Should 2018 be my last year making games on this site? Or should I stay "semi-retired" for the coming years? It's up to you, guys. And remember, I will be active on YouTube sometimes. Thanks for playing. I hope I can give you more high quality games every step of the way for more. I just wish I had the motivation to do it, what with everything else going on. ~


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