Mediocre At Best...

Review by bgscurtis on Thursday, June 10th 2010
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Gh0Zt is a game created by jammyt2

Short but sweet. This game looks appealing from the very beginning, with its interesting thumbnail image. This is what enticed me to play this game. I was not let down.

At the start of this well designed game, you are trapped inside turrets and pulled in by a magnet. I plopped out of the turrets the first time and the magnet was ineffective, but I doubt that it would have been boring if it had worked. Crawling down with your slightly reduced health, You meet two turrets that will drop your health slightly, but I didn't let it phase me. After squeezing through the jugged path, you enter the main room. The room where you have won. But that's not until a few minutes later in the game. There are a few speeders, but they huddle around the centerpiece in the room, making them incapable of attack. Easily destroyed, so I think this part could have been improved upon. Moving on.

Moving into the corridor, I found something that is going to be repeated later in the game. A corridor with a launcher or turret around most corners is a nice touch, but if you are prepared for them you can still sustain a good amount of health. I liked what he did here, but it wasn't much of a threat, and it was the torso of our game body, so it diminished the game. Then, there is a new wingman hiding behind a wall. First guess, door puzzle. Correct answer. Wingmen are used more often for these "puzzles" than they are for assisting the player. After a turret to delay for time, I approached an interesting room. I wasn't bothered with the design, but the turrets which found my attention. Stray too far from the narrow area in which to perform the "puzzle", you will get shot at. This happenned to me. Instinctively I moved to the left for refuge. Another sensitive turret was attacking. I liked this strategy, it was clever.

Then, the first of useless positioning for turrets. I ran past these. Even the wingman was clever enough not to attack these. He loyally followed me to an easy key fight. Retrieve the unnecessary megahealth, as 5 or less ordinary health bonuses would have done well enough. Either if you had a good amount of health already or to make it more intense for those who flew straight through. Then you battle an easy key fight. He just turns around and faces the wall taking his punishment. Maybe if the map had been editted this problem could have been avoided. After that I went through a teleporter. I was confident enough with my high health. There are some guards and speeders, not required to beat because they are trapped behind the teleporter/obstacle. When you make your way down you find the second instance of useless turret placement. Trapped behind two obstacles Jammy minimized there ability to shoot the player. One or even better no obstacles would have led to better gameplay. It may look good, but I'm after action, not art.

I had a choice of two path, virtually identical, but it would only influence gameplay slightly if I had chosen the wrong path. Another case of launchers down corners and you move on towards the blue key fight. cleverly positioned but I felt it was only to delay once more. I still enjoyed it, but it was also easy. Back in the direction of the teleporter from whence I came, there were to blue doors, one guarding an available teleporter and another with missile ammo. I went through the teleporter. I met some familiar faces. That's right, the speeders and guards. They proved to be a hassle in close quarters and are a pain to kill. But then you move on to the best part of the torso. This path had pushers. A nice combo when you're trying to back away from any missiles the launchers fire at you. It was unexpected and I feared that death was imminent. But thankfully I got past it. Then I backtracked to the main room. At the start of a corridor there was another room blocked by a blue door, so I went through there.

I was blessed with extra health, over half and I went though the next teleporter. The final boss, the red key. It was a confined space, so it wasn't that interesting, but it was tense. Huzzah! I beat the key. Go back though the door and collect the crystals. Mission accomplished.


Time to beat: 4:14

Enemy Placement: _______
Power-ups: _______
Map: _________
Lag: __________
Length: _______
Puzzles/Challenges: ________

Uniquity: ** (out of 5)


Good Map

Good Difficulty

Good Use of Teleporters

No Lag


Repetitive Gameplay

Easy Key Fights

Bad Turret Placement

Overall: 7.6/10

Recommendation: Basically, just what I said in the review. The placement and first key fight.


Gh0Zt Reviewed by bgscurtis on Thursday, June 10th 2010. Mediocre At Best... - A game review written by bgscurtis for the game 'Gh0Zt' by jammyt2. Rating: 3.5