[BHR] A Bad Checkthepan Game?

Review by bgscurtis on Wednesday, December 29th 2010
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Adrenaline Overdrive is a game created by checkthepan

All right, my first review as a BHR and I decide to review a game by checkthepan. Adrenaline Overdrive is by one of Sploder's supposed greatest game makers and was recently featured so I decided I would play it. I was to be disappointed.

So the main gist of the game is either you rush past the action sequences and hope for the best (checkthepan's method) or you can hold back and take out all the enemies one by one (liv33vil's method). The sequences in Adrenaline Overdrive are all unique and infuriating in their own special little way.

Checkthepan was making games the way they were made years ago. Enemies placed rather sloppily and not much care taken into map design, but there is intense action. Because of this, check failed to add anything new to the genre of action games. He and many had done a lot of these things before in their games before that people thought were impressive. It's like trying to stick his fangs into a dead corpse and try to splode any remaining blood from the already used life.

Some of the items placed in Adrenaline Overdrive weren't really necessary and I felt it was placed there for the heck of it. The nitro in the second action sequence just ruined it because instead of rushing through, destroying it obliterates most of the enemies and the chances of this game getting a higher score.

The only thing I could comment on is how addictive it is. Partly because it is a difficult game and would be good to get your name on the highscore list and partly because it's a game by Checkthepan.

Overall, Adrenaline Overload is a compilation of already used action sequences and a choc-a-bloc of randomly placed enemies and other items. In this case, short is not sweet.


Difficulty: ____
Enemy Placement: ___
Powerups: __
Map: __
Length: __
Lag: ____
Puzzles/Challenges: ___
Uniqueness: _

Overall: 2/5

Suggestions: Try and make something new and original instead of recycling the old stuff.

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Adrenaline Overdrive Reviewed by bgscurtis on Wednesday, December 29th 2010. [BHR] A Bad Checkthepan Game? - A game review written by bgscurtis for the game 'Adrenaline Overdrive' by checkthepan. Rating: 2