The Vice Pay For Their Sinful Deeds!

Review by billu on Monday, November 11th 2013
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Crimson Blade is a game created by dudki

Hello everybody! Did you have good memories with your siblings? Whether it's being mad at our siblings, or being friendly to our siblings, we still consider them to be the people that give us good memories anyway. But just imagine that unfortunate day, when one of your siblings is put to rest by a group of vice people! Just imagine that you as a normal person picks up a blade in hopes of achieving vengeance! Well, today I'm going to be reviewing a fairly amazing game that has a similar plot. Crimson Blade is a game made by a well known person called dudki! Dudki has made fine works of games that have received a good amount of attention! But for some reason, this gem has not been that good at pulling attention, even though it's still a polished marvel! But enough of chatting, and let's get onto the review, shall we?

The thumbnail of Crimson Blade is decent! The thumbnail is not that good either because it could have used more detail and is a bit bland, but it's just good enough to grab some attention! The thumbnail indicated a serious and intense atmosphere that the player will go through while playing the game, whether it's killing foes, or being perceptive when your health is low, it still makes for one hell of a heart racing game, and the thumbnail succeeds at indicating just that! The background of the thumbnail indicates some kind of a lonely desert type of place, and I know how that's depressing, but sometimes we need these depressing moments in games to spice it up!

The gameplay of Crimson Blade was not that bad. But It's not that good either since the gameplay can get a bit repetitive at times. For example, one or two foes charge at the player by just coming at the player straight onward most of the times! This is not really unique, but this didn't get too repetitive either! The reason is because, some of the enemies jumped out of trees, or were standing alert on towers, and that somewhat kept the gameplay from getting too repetitive. There were also some puzzles in this game too! The puzzles were not too unique either because they have been used before. Some of the puzzles involved using the pressure of a door to force a wheel to move beyond a ramp-tile, so that the wheel can hit a group of perm-switches! Dudki still managed to keep some originality in this puzzle, because it's kind of new how the doors were used to force a wheel beyond a ramp-tile, and the use of a ramp-tile had not been really seen before in this kind of a puzzle! Some of the other puzzles involved throwing a grenade through gears, so that the grenade can hit a perm-switch! Another common puzzle involved using the power-glove to open a one-way door using a bat. These puzzles, like I said before are not too unique, but the fact that dudki still implemented some puzzles is nice! Some of the RPG aspects of Crimson Blade also involved a few puzzles, so if the player chooses to get a whip and solve a puzzle which involves a few sand-blocks, than the player can get some health in the game. There are Platforming-sequences in Crimson Blade as well! Some of the platforming sequences can get a bit tedious at times, but they're rewarding! I'm not going to spoil too much, but one reward is an extra life! Extra lives are a bit important since Crimson Blade progresses in terms of difficulty!

A game that is bland doesn't amaze the eyes! But my eyes were amazed at Crimson Blade's extraordinary scenery! Dudki used the tiles provided in the Platformer creator in a sort of unique way. Two different tiles were placed side by side, which ended up creating patterns, that grabbed the human eye's attention! This kind of scenery has been seen before in some games too, but that quickly seemed to die! But Crimson Blade is the revival of that kind of scenery! The same was implemented with the background walls. But while that was done, has anyone heard that there are graphics in the Platformer creator now? Well, I've searched through some of dudki's decent graphics, and I saw a stone graphic! Next thing you know, that stone graphic was used as scenery in Crimson Blade! The stone graphic filled the gaps which were filled with blandness, and that had a profound effect on Crimson Blade. I also saw the use of an animated fire graphic! The fire graphic was a fine work of creating animated graphics. The fire graphic was found in levels such as the "ruins of Kythera" level! Creating marvelous animated graphics with only the 40x40 graphic size is a decent achievement that dudki has achieved! Who says that you can only use the default platformer scenery provided by the Platformer creator, when dudki made that statement false?!?

A game that's easy is not a challenge for gamers that are looking for hard and quality games! But Crimson Blade has a nice difficulty that players of all game-difficulty levels will be able to play! Although the player's health can get a bit low at times, there are still luckily some health pickups such as med-kits and cookies to help the player out a little bit. In some cases, if the player manages to keep a good amount of health in the game, than Crimson Blade becomes a bit easy to play. But there is still some good amount of difficulty that stands in front of the player! There are platforming-sequences with lava underneath them, and that's pretty difficult even with a good amount of health, because the lava kills the player really fast! But if the player manages to do it just right, than the player's efforts will pay off, and the player can proceed in the game!







Gems like Crimson Blade don't come too often, but when they do come, they bring inspiration for other games, and they pack in a good amount of quality! These gems shouldn't be sunken by other games! They should rightfully keep their title as quality games! Crimson Blade has been featured, and that indicates quality. So before this gem escapes our attention, go play Crimson Blade, and try your hardest to beat this quality game!


Crimson Blade Reviewed by billu on Monday, November 11th 2013. The Vice Pay For Their Sinful Deeds! - A game review written by billu for the game 'Crimson Blade' by dudki. Rating: 4