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Review by billu on Monday, February 17th 2014
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Crash Bandicoot is a game created by daniel567

Hello people! Where were you? Oh, so you were busy? Oh alright, welcome to my review of Crash Bandicoot by Daniel567! But before I proceed to the review, I would like to talk a bit about Daniel himself. Daniel was an underrated member, who needed some recognition. He achieved that with his first featured game called V8. Shortly after, Daniel released Crash Bandicoot. I was personally never expecting a featured Crash Bandicoot game on Sploder, but Daniel proved me incorrect. Daniel has amazing game-making skills, and Crash Bandicoot is the proof. But I think that's enough information about Daniel, and let's move on to the actual review!

The thumbnail of Crash Bandicoot appeals to a gamer. The name of the game, and the thumbnail of the game possess the gamer, and assures the gamer that the game is going to be amazing. Crash Bandicoot's thumbnail stands out from the bland thumbnails. The scenery in the thumbnail looks amazing, and makes the gamer think about what the game might be about, which leads up to the gamer clicking the game. In the thumbnail, I saw a person holding a huge weapon, and shooting some rivals. I turned out to be correct. The thumbnail captured one of the levels perfectly, and gives a overall preview of the game. But the thumbnail isn't the only aspect of an amazing game. There are many other aspects of a good game. So let's move on to the other aspects of the game!

The gameplay is one of the most important aspects of a feature-worthy game. Solid gameplay is one of the aspects, that defines an amazing game. The player in Crash Bandicoot is a bit too fast. I personally think that Daniel could've reduced the speed of the player, but at least it makes the game a bit more challenging. Amazing gamers like difficult challenges, don't they? Another aspect of Crash Bandicoot required the player to drag an object to a set-goal, and once the set-goal was achieved, it would trigger a certain thing, that allows the player to proceed in the game. That has been seen before in some other games, and it's a nice addition to the game. Some of the platforming-sequences required the player to jump over obstacles such as lava, and land on a platform. The platforms were not too far away from the player, and not too close to the player. Daniel managed to balance it out. But while the player has to jump on the platforms, the player also has to dodge obstacles which shoot out from the lava. The player has to correctly time his jumps, or the player will have to restart the level. I personally like how Daniel keeps the difficulty moderate with the platforming-sequences. I think all of you have seen the ability to control two players in one level before. Crash Bandicoot has the ability to control two players in one level. The main player has to achieve the main tasks, and the secondary player has to achieve the secondary tasks. Once the secondary player achieves the secondary tasks, it leads up to allowing the main player to proceed. That's an amazing aspect, because it increases the challenge, and requires the player to consider his actions a bit more. That's one of the reasons to why this game is feature-worthy. I also saw the use of a switch-mechanism, which triggers certain things in the game. The player has to reach a switch, and the switch triggers things like an elevator, so that the player can reach the elevator and proceed in the game. I've personally never seen that before, and it's a bit unique. Some unique aspects in a game also add up to the overall result, and those results determine if a game is feature-worthy or not. But while the game had amazing aspects, it still had some flaws. An elevator can push the player into the ground, and it's really difficult for the player to come out of the ground, or else the player has to restart the level. But there weren't that many flaws, and the game still managed to be feature-worthy, because of it's other amazing aspects.

The scenery is another important aspect of a game. The scenery is one of the aspects that determines if a game is bland or not. Crash Bandicoot had amazing scenery. I saw the use of some animated graphics, and I liked how the tiles and etc were detailed. I also liked some of the textures that Daniel used. In one of the levels, I saw the use of a grid-type pattern, and it made the game stand out. Some of the things that I saw in the game were graphics of clouds which made the sky look detailed, and the use of animated waterfall graphics, which gave a profound effect to the scenery. I personally think that a game should have some type of a profound effect on the player, and Crash Bandicoot managed to achieve that. A profound effect on the player can increase the chances of a game being feature-worthy a bit, but a profound effect on the player isn't the only thing that makes a game feature-worthy. There are many other aspects that make a game feature-worthy, and the main aspects are: Gameplay, Scenery, decent Storyline/Plot, and some unique aspects as well.

Now that we have talked about all of the important aspects of the game, let's move on to the overall result, which will determine if this game is feature-worthy or not. The game was amazing for the most part, but still had some flaws. As I mentioned before, the game had a flaw where the player is pushed into the ground by an elevator etc. Yes, it can be a bit irritating sometimes, but does it really determine if the game is feature-worthy or not? I personally say no, because just one flaw in a game doesn't determine if a game is feature-worthy or not. Almost every game has some flaws, and no game is totally perfect. We still have to look at the other important aspects of a game. The gameplay overall was really nice, and the gameplay managed to pass the current standards of game-making on Sploder. Like I said before, the gameplay is one of the most important aspects of a game, and it has a fairly huge say, in determining if a game is feature-worthy or not. Since Crash Bandicoot managed to have solid gameplay, it's chances of getting featured have increased. But before we determine the results, I would like to look at the scenery as well. The scenery isn't that much of a huge aspect that determines if a game is feature-worthy or not, but it can still increase the chances of a game being featured. I personally liked the scenery of the game, but Daniel could've implemented a bit more scenery in some other parts of the game. I saw a level where there were barely any textures etc. I only saw the use of some graphics. But textures and etc isn't the only thing that determines if the scenery is good or not. Sometimes, I liked how the scenery has no textures, because the scenery can still look decent without textures sometimes. But I'm not saying that there should be no textures at all. I would still like some textures in a game. So is this game feature-worthy? I say yes, it is feature-worthy. Even though the game had some flaws, the game is still feature-worthy, because like I said before, almost every game has some flaws, and no game it totally perfect. The other amazing aspects of this game, managed to make Crash Bandicoot feature-worthy!





OVERALL: 4.1/5.

Games like Crash Bandicoot are amazing games for gamers, and they have a good balance of difficulty, so that beginning-gamers, and amazing-gamers can all beat the game. I'm a fairly good gamer, and I've beaten the game a few times myself. I can assure all of you that Crash Bandicoot is a decent game for gamers, and an inspiration for game-creators. I suggest that you all try to beat this game, and game-creators like Daniel need some more recognition. Thank you for reading this review, I really appreciate it.


Crash Bandicoot Reviewed by billu on Monday, February 17th 2014. The Aim To Be A Victor! - A game review written by billu for the game 'Crash Bandicoot' by daniel567. Rating: 4