the broken bond

By bimonicle5 :: Thursday May 21st, 2009

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For years england and japan have been fighting, until 2097 b.c., the Chen dynasty. A truce was made between the english, and the truce was never touched. That is... until, on may,13 1865, england. A mysterious boat came in the dock, a 7 foot tall man wearing a tattered cloak and a bamboo hat. He killed 20 army men and left with the truce. Before the man left an injured england commander noticed the sign on the man's boat. For a hundred years england has been trying to invent weaponry, and also prepare for the battle ahead. finally in 1997 england is ready to fight. scene 1. The Broken Bond. In japan The Broken Bond is known as a secret as a secret battle station. Where location of the scene 2. is.


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