By blackhole2 :: Tuesday December 24th, 2013

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WALKTHROUGH: --------- Some people think there are three places of the afterlife... Hell, Heaven and the Purgatory. Some others believe in reincarnation... And there are much more tales about that but no one has ever proven them. You, an ordinary student were not so religious, you didn’t believe in God, nor in reincarnation, but after a terrible murder; you have changed. You were a victim of a serial killer, you died a brutal death: you have been beheaded. When your soul left your body, you were transported to an unknown place with fear and bitterness. Afterwards, a soul went to you and started to talk in a dead language. You didn’t understand what he said; you were also a bit desperate so you fled. You had no idea where you were. After a while, another soul visited you, luckily you could understand his words. He guided you and told you that you will live here forever unless you will not find a way to open the magical door and live your remaining ‘dead’ life in a much better place. But wait, remaining? What does that mean....?


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