By blackhole2 :: Thursday October 17th, 2013

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Walkthrough: ----------------- A demon is a paranormal, often malevolent being prevalent with so many questions behind it. But one thing is a fact: You cannot hide. You wanted to buy something special for your sister’s birthday, something that is rare and beautiful. One day, you saw a wooden chest in a marketplace, and you bought it for a good price. The vendor was very strange when he saw that you want to buy the chest, but he gave it to you cautiously. You were very suspicious, yet you did not know why he acted like that. When you went home, you tried to open the chest to put a diamond jewel in it, hardly, but you opened it. Suddenly, something strange and dark has happened... A - seemingly non-human - thing came out from it, and ran away. You followed him to a dark and haunted factory that is far away from home. But from that time, you are not safe. The only thing that can cause the demon’s death is what he came from, the chest. But where is it? Follow the demon’s steps, and you’re one step cl0ser to the answer...


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