Wrath of Cronos

By blackhole2 :: Sunday September 13th, 2015

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The only human demigod that is left in the world. The only one who is brave enough to cooperate with a centaur on a dangerous mission.... is you. An unknown person tries to resurrect an old, yet probably the most ruthless evil from Tartarus in order to destroy all the Gods and Mount Olympus itself. Will you help Zeus to find that shadow in the dark...? Go through almost all the sections of the Greek Mythological world and reveal the truth before it's too late! ---THIS GAME WAS A COLLAB BETWEEN ME AND MAT 7772!!!!! Merry Christmas everyone and enjoy the game!--- More information: On level 3 and 7 you have to defeat all enemies in order to succeed. Please if you find any bugs or if you have any problems, don't be afraid to say. People who beat this game will receive 10 MS platinum awards!


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