The Hidden Elements Demo

By blackmustangs075 :: Saturday November 24th, 2012

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Trapped in a world blanketed by chaos. The world is consumed in an eternal darkness, its inhabitants corrupted by greed and distrust. They all lost hope, except for one person who decided to step up and do something about it. You hear whispers in your ears, the darkness beckoning you forth. Taunting you. Trying to corrupt your mind. You ignore these whispers and continue on. You take a walk in the forest, the only place that seemed normal still. That is, until you stumbled across a chaotic temple in the forest. This temple used to be an owl sanctuary, until it was taken over by the chaos, just as everything else in the world. A wise owl tells you that your destiny is to travel to all of the elemental temples and save the world. Will you succeed in your quest? Only you can decide that. *UPDATE Anyone who beats this level wins an award. Please nominate this game and rate! Thank you! ****************Congratulations to empirestatebuild and supershadow89 for being the first other than myself to beat this game!


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