This Game Was Bad

Review by blade9 on Sunday, August 15th 2010
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Gaia is a game created by crunchynut

Gaia by crunchynut is OK. Very artistic. Not that hard though. No puzzles or traps. This game is not that good, it only focuses on art. This is't feature worthy. Whoever featured this is only focusing on the art. You can do better, crunchynut.





No Difficulty


Action: ____/_____
Difficulty: ___/____
Addictiveness: _/_____
Overall: ___/_____

You can really do better Crunchynut. I know it.


Gaia Reviewed by blade9 on Sunday, August 15th 2010. This Game Was Bad - A game review written by blade9 for the game 'Gaia' by crunchynut. Rating: 3