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Review by blade9 on Sunday, September 5th 2010
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The Eagle Chamber is a game created by theeagle

Pre-Thoughts: Theeagle's games aren't that good, so i bet this one isn't either.

Gameplay: I was wrong, this game is great, some puzzles, traps, not that much action, but still, great! One of the best games i have ever played. Suprisingly, it was by... the one and only theeagle! The Eagle Chamber was good, the only con was enemy placement. Enemies were too wide apart, thus taking away most of the action. Otherwise, this game was great!





Enemy Placement


Fun: ___/_____
Addictiveness: ____/_____
Overall: ___/_____

Good work theeagle. Keep it up!


The Eagle Chamber Reviewed by blade9 on Sunday, September 5th 2010. I'm Back To Reviews! - A game review written by blade9 for the game 'The Eagle Chamber' by theeagle. Rating: 3