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Review by blastoiselatias on Sunday, June 13th 2010
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Forward is a game created by paradon

Game: Forward

Creator: Paradon

NOTE:** Well, I played Forward when it came out, so I know relatively what it was like, however, for the review, I'll act as if it's the first time I've played it.

Pre-Review Thoughts:** Looks like it's gonna be good. Straight away, there's a little challenge, and it looks like that might be what the game is like. Hard, challenging, all that fun stuff. So, I'm hoping it lives up to the expectations. It's in 8-bit, so that must mean it's pretty big. Another that will help to indicate what this game is like, is a quote from our very own sploder member, chopshop. He said that Forward was "one of the only perfect platformer games" that he's played. So, sounds good. Let's review it.

Review:** Looks like I was right. The whole game is chock full of challenges, I mean, a second into the game you get a challenge, and even getting to the next part is a challnege in itself. The first bit was well thought out, using the mixtures of crates, bars, etc to make you think about how you need to escape. I wont say how, but it's pretty easy to work out. And that one puzzle pretty much sums up the whole game. Hard, but with some thought, it becomes a little easier to do. However, some of the challenges will almost definitely kill you if you just run in there. You have to almost plan ahead before you jump down somewhere. Anyway, on with playing the game. I've died quite a lot already, but in doing so, have noticed how well each challenge is created. They've all been thought out and planned so that they would be as hard as possible to get through, for example, the challenge where you're on the slider going across the creek with all the bats attacking you. That was well put together, as it makes use of the bat's flight and speed, to try and knock you off the fragile platform. It only takes one bat and about 2 seconds to make you have to restart the game. And as for the next part, as annoying as it was, the fire troll was placed in the hardest place to avoid, as you have to tempt him out, and then when you're trying to get back up to the entrance with the elevator, he'll manage to get on the platform with you, which isn't the most..convinient thing. However, in some of the challenges, parts can be skipped. One of them is the part where you have to climb up the weak floors. You can simply use your sword to ascend the wall and skip quite a large chunk of the climbing. And what I cannot stress more is that, if you die, it's very hard to gather the enthusiasm to try it again, as the first parts are pretty tedious to repeat. One other problem was that for half the time you're playing the game, you're either stuck on an elevator, or swimming. Apart from these small flaws, the game was pretty great. It was a fun challenge, and took a while to complete.

The Overview:

The Review in little chunks:

•Puzzles yaya.

•Quite difficult

•Well thought out

•Annoying in parts

•Bits can be skipped

•Tedious to repeat

•Elevators take too long

The Good Points:

It was overall quite a fun challenge. The challenges were well thought out and every little bit was tuned so it worked as you would expect it too. It's quite a long game, and'll keep you occupied trying to beat it.

The Bad Points:

Frankly, half the time, you're sitting on an elevator, and after all that waiting to find you just die afterwards is pretty friggin' annoying, as getting to the point where you died is pretty tedious.

The Scores:

~Fun:~ *15/20* - Fun, but friggin tedious if you die.

~Difficulty:~ *16/20* - Need I explain?

~Action/Puzzles:~ *14/20*- There was not much action, but the puzzles were pretty good

~Design:~ *18/20*- Everything was thought out well.

~As a whole:~ *15/20* - Great game. It kept me occupied and was a good challenge.

Final Score: ..._pulls up calculator cuz I'm too lazy to work it out myself_


Which is an **A-** grade.

Or in stars: _____

Final Note: Good challenge. A few flaws but one of the few great platformers.


Forward Reviewed by blastoiselatias on Sunday, June 13th 2010. ~Forward Review~ - A game review written by blastoiselatias for the game 'Forward' by paradon. Rating: 4