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Review by blimpy on Wednesday, November 3rd 2010
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Kronos: The escape is a game created by nz

I'd like to say a few things... (Forgive me nz, this will only take a moment.)

1) Just because I didn't review your game doesn't mean I didn't like it. I forgot. If that happens, just comment on my page again to get your review done.

2) Unlike many members of this online society, my goal is not to compare how many comments I have to other members. Therefore, I WILL DELETE YOUR COMMENTS AFTER ABOUT 2 WEEKS. Don't be offended, just don't put too much love into your comments because they're still going in the trash.

3) Yes, I will tell you the truth about your game. And don't try to friend me right as you ask for a review, because you won't get any more stars for that. You actually get [email protected] stars for that.



The game was really good, except for the lag. Kept me interested so that's a plus.

The scenery wasn't bad considering it was a shooter game and the enemies were placed well. They were far apart enough (except for the 40 enemy mob). Oddly, the lag occurred more at the beginning where there were only 4 enemies and there was almost no lag at the end where there were at least 30 enemies in view. Go figure.

The difficulty seemed a little too easy, but it's enough to get you to actually try. It's not exactly epic, but I'd say it is a few knotches above decent.

OH! And no [email protected] angles or scenes! That's a plus. A REALLY big plus.

Scenery: ____/_____
Enemy Placement: ____/_____
Difficulty: ____/_____


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